Virus Removal and Prevention

More than ever, todays Viruses and Malware are finding ways to infect your computer. Malware with clever names like “XP Security 2011” or “Win7 Anti-virus 2001” that pop up unclosable windows advising you that you have ump-teen viruses look professional enough to be the real thing.

Do Not Ever Give your credit card info to these charlatans. If you have a suspicious program that intrusively interrupts your computer activities you need a multi-stage cleaning to ensure the infection is totally wiped out.

There are trojans and phony antivirus software programs as well as rootkits that are not easily removed. There are some viruses that will hide everything on your C: drive!

Don’t worry though, just contact me to perform a thorough virus cleaning and leave you with the tools to avoid re-infection. Remote assistance is available as well as pick-up or drop-off service. One free virus removal is included when you prepay for 3 hours of support.



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